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Hunter's Vendetta - Book I: Chapter Seven: Bedroom Delirium

I’m watching Glee

“Tonight’s episode of Glee sucked and given that the entire past three years have been bad, that’s saying a lot. I really hoped that the whole NY would move things along but it has stalled. The whole Sam/Mercedes story was dull. I hope they get rid of these characters by the season finale. Blaine acting the way he has lately makes him not loveable.”

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I’m watching Once Upon a Time

“At first I thought, crap! Another filler episode with a non-important character like Ariel. Then they show us that SUPER cheesy bridge scene with horrible special effects more commonly seen on the (obviously) cancelled spinoff Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. The only thing that nearly saved it for me was the fact that Ariel was really Zelena in disguise but the kissing curse was dumb. There was a moment that I thought she was going to take Hook’s heart.”

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Chapter 6: The One That Got Away - Hunter’s Vendetta, LGBT Web Novel

Chapter Six: The One That Got Away - is the latest chapter in the Hunter’s Vendetta web novel. Check it out! It’s free!

An unexpected side-effect from Alex’s vision quest coincides with the return of the love he left behind.

Hunter’s Vendetta Novel synopsis:

Alex Westcrow never wanted to be part of the white man’s world but he simply had no choice. At 17, he was forced to leave his family, his tribe and most importantly, his lover, Kayden Hayes, to start a new life in San Francisco.

13 years later, Alex returns to the tribe in the wake of prophetic nightmares that warn of his death and of those he loves. Now he must uncover the truth behind an evil conspiracy before his nightmares become a deadly reality.

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