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Prey's Vendetta - Book II: Chapter One: Through Your Eyes

Prey’s Vendetta – Chapter One: Through Your Eyes – After the explosive events of Hunter’s Vendetta, Jen Isley struggles to keep her husband alive. Meanwhile Alex must come to terms with the fact that he has just lost one friend and will probably lose another at the hands of those who are pursuing him. While on the outskirts of town, a Coalition threat burrows its way into the heart of the Garrison resistance group.

Prey's Vendetta - Book II

Forced into hiding by a deadly group of terrorists, Alex Westcrow must seek out dangerous allies in order to defeat his enemies and rescue those he loves. Sex, treachery, violence and murder will culminate in an explosive showdown.

The prologue and 1st chapter of this suspenseful web novel is now live.


Chapter One - Through Your Eyes:

Chapter Two will be available on October 31st 2014.

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